Arnette's Chop Shop Knife Club

Steak your claim as a founding member of Arnette’s Chop Shop Knife Club.

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Our Club. Your Knives.

As a club member you will receive a luxurious leather knife pouch tagged with your name, joining number and date of activation. Your knife pouch is equipped with four special rosewood and stainless handled knives with full serrated blades and each handle is engraved with your choice of name/identity.

These member knife pouches are displayed at the main entrance of ARNETTE'S on a spectacular knife library wall. Members will check in for their reservation and the Chop Shop team will collect the knives as they become part of the members tableside dining experience.

Three Membership Options.

One Unique Dining Experience.

All club memberships are packed with juicy goodness, exclusive discounts and of course your own engraved steak knives.

Memberships Include

Set of 4 Custom Engraved Steak Knives, housed in the ARNETTE'S Knife Wall for use tableside.

Exclusive invites to Private Events offered by ARNETTE'S.

Discount for Custom Knife Pouch Gift Sets.

Club Member dining discount at ARNETTE'S Chop Shop.

Added value to WOM Gift Cards.

Case of ARNETTE'S Chop Shop Private Label Wine.

Case Discount for ARNETTE'S Chop Shop Wine

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